Get Married

All dressed up and ready to commit? We can help!

Our staff has State of Florida Notary Public's who can officiate your wedding vows, as well as an ordained minister of Dudeism (Yes, that is a real thing).


We can assist you in obtaining your marriage license from the Clerk of Court and also assist in getting it filed to make your newly performed wedding at HorrorVille legalized.


YES - Getting married at HorrorVille is a LEGALLY binding ceremony.  If you would like to go through the ceremony without it being LEGALLY binding, we can also arrange it!


We will have a on-site photographer to take your most memorable moments that you can cherish forever. We can even arrange to have the best one printed so that you can hang it on your wall!


Want to top off the event? Have a favorite actor/actress or director/producer that would make your day more memorable? We can negotiate to have them available to officiate the wedding ceremony as well.


Contact us to discuss pricing as this would be a separate event.


Florida Marriage License from the Clerk of Court is $ 86.00 w/o the premarital course.