You have Questions, and we have answers!


Q: Are photographs allowed?


A: This is a multi-part answer. Photo's and video are allowed in ALL common areas of the event.

HOWEVER - Celebrity Guests can be finicky about their photos while at the signing table. Please respect them if they are charging for their photo along with their autograph and do not harass them for a free photo. If they or their teams says no, the answer is no. All we ask is that you are respectful.



Q: Are photographs allowed at the V.I.P. event?


A: For the most part, this answer is yes. However, this is a more relaxed time for everyone to be able to mingle and have more casual conversation.



Q: Are costumes allowed?


A: YES! We encourage you to wear your costume, and also encourage you to enter in our costume contest for CASH Prizes! Who doesn't like cash? However, please review our weapons policy for additions to some costumes.



Q: I just decided that this is not for me... can I get a refund?


A: Unfortunately all ticketed events and admissions are NON-Refundable.  We strive to keep costs down to a minimum for every body to get the maximum benefit from our events. If you are unhappy, please consult a team member and let us know about your experience.